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How Drones Improve Real Estate Sales

When drones first took off (sorry about the pun :s) and entered the retail sales space, I was completely obsessed with their potential. The possibilities seemed endless, and today those possibilities are being realized. From the sale of properties, to tourism, from navigating unapproachable terrain to airing sports and live events. It’s no wonder then, that drones have come into the real estate space and are likely to dramatically affect how business and entertainment is done, and key to our interests how properties are sold.

That said, I’ve tried to figure out how drones will change selling properties.

Imagine providing your clients a birds eye view of their new home. Viewing the landscape, the rooftop, the surrounding areas, the proximity to other areas of interest, and more can do wonderful things to showcase your property, especially for those on a budget. Imagine. Drones make a birds eye view possible, and this possibility gives buyers a whole new perspective, while it also gives sellers the opportunity to optimize their properties for sale.

For developers, drones will provide a wonderful perspective of their developments, and the quality of materials used. What we could see as a result, are the increased used of quality products to ensure the competitiveness of a property in relation to others – which serves to benefit the consumer and developer alike via increased attention and interest from the former and increased likelihood to sell their property for the latter.

drones real estate

Drones also provide a sweet transparency for buyers, to view the property from a perspective otherwise unseen. This brings me to my second point, that drones provide buyers a perspective of their potential property which may not be desired by the seller. Whether that’s a torn roof, junk behind the fences, and generally bringing what’s unknown to the fold; buyers can use drones to view a potential property from angles undesired by sellers and forces better overall upkeep and presentation.

The sale and purchase of a home can be a very intimate experience, and many folks fear making the wrong choice. Drones help quell those fears by putting the home into perspective. Drones provide perspective of the property in relation to its neighbourhood, and drones provide perspective as a second set of eyes for the buyer (and seller) during a walk through.

I would also like to discuss the importance of drones for independent realtors, and those selling their homes. For those with smaller budgets, drones allow novices to put their home up for sale, and with simple editing are able to develop wonderful results (although, the assistance of a realtor is still advised). Drones, in a way, democratize home sales and can flatten the competitive edge (assuming their used at all) providing sellers and buyers a more transparent view of their homes.

If you’re considering using drones, here are some local drone retailers: Birdhouse Media; DroneHub Media


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